The FBN Guide to Applying Online for a Withdrawal Agreement French Residency Permit

Free assistance is only applicable for those living in The Dordogne, Auvergne / Rhone Alpes & Provence Alpes / Cote d’Azur

This process is only applicable to UK Nationals living in France in 2020.

If you cannot demonstrate being resident in France before 31 December 2020 will need a Long Stay visa if staying in France for more than 90 days CLICK HERE for more details

The French Residency Application Process for UK Nationals

There are a few exceptions to this process, see later for details

  • Who

    All UK Nationals over the age of 18 who were living in France in 2020
  • When

    Open NOW
    until 30th June 2021
  • Apply online

    Via the French government's website
  • Attend appointment with the Prefecture

    To give fingerprints and photos
    Afterwards your Residency permit will be posted to you

To see what documents you need to submit, click on one of the options below…

If you have been resident in France for under 5 years, choose one of these options …

If you have been resident in France for more than 5 years, do you have a Carte de Sejour?

The above categories cover the majority of situations.

In the meantime, if you do not find a category to fit your situation we direct you to guidance from the French Government

How to apply for French residency online (step by step)

  • The online application site

    The Online application site

    This is the official French Government (Ministry of Interior) site for your online application.

    Note you can save your progress at any time and return to continue within 20 days

    Click here to start your application

  • Struggling with your application?

    Free 1 to 1 “hand holding” assistance to UK Nationals who are having real trouble completing their applications, do not know how to upload documents, are not confident using computers, do not have a computer or internet, and have no one to turn to for help.

    Call our helpline for more details 05 19 88 01 09

    Support for those most in need

The Franco British Network guidance notes for UK Nationals applying for French Residency

This guidance is customised for UK nationals applying for French residency living in the Dordogne, Auvergne / Rhone Alpes & Provence Alpes / Cote d’Azur, although much of the information will be relevant for Departments across France

  • The application process is a very straightforward process and the French authorities are not looking to reject applications, rather the opposite. However, you can help them by ensuring that you complete your application with all the correct information that is requested.


  • We recommend that you take your time to ensure that you and your family members have all your information and documents to hand before you submit your application.


The online application

The website is simple and straightforward. After the introductory page, you will need to follow these steps:

  • You should submit your residency application through the French government website, available in both French and English
  • Select your nationality (British or non-European family member)
  • Declare your length of residency (more or less than 5 years)
  • Specify when you settled in France, and note whether or not you have a carte de sejour (insert details as appropriate)
  • You may be asked to upload supporting documents which should be in French. Translations may be required for civil registration documents such as marriage certificates, but check the list of supporting documents first to see what is required. Non-official translations may be accepted for other documents, such as work contracts
  • Documents to be submitted as PDF, JPEG, JPG, or PNG, up to 5mb size
  • Complete your personal details such as civil status, address, & contact details
  • If you add any comments in the application form they should ideally be in French, as this will go directly to the Prefecture
  • You will be able to save your application and return to it within 20 days
  • Complete the “I am not a robot” test and click “validate”


  • We recommend that you take care to submit the correct and legible documents as the Prefecture will only examine these documents when they process your application.


  • Once your application is submitted, you will receive an automatic email confirmation after approximately 3 hours, which you can print and show upon request (e.g. at the border along with your passport). Keep this safe as it is not possible to receive a second one.


  • The Prefecture will contact you if anything is missing, or incorrect, or if they have any questions on your file. Avoid asking for an update unless urgent as this may slow processing times.


  • To complete your application the Prefecture will contact you offering an appointment for you to visit them at their office.


    • You will have the opportunity to change the appointment if you are not available on the date first allocated to you
    • For your appointment with the Prefecture, rest assured, it is not an interview and should only take 5 minutes for you to give an impression of your fingerprints and supply 1 passport sized photo. You can get photos at Photomaton booths, in such places as Auchan supermarkets, Monoprix department store, etc.
    • At this appointment, you will also be asked for your parents’ full names, which will be used to conduct a security criminal check.
    • If you change address between submitting your online application and your appointment with the Prefecture, bring a recent utility bill with your new address to your appointment. You can also mention that you are planning to change your address in the comments box of the application if you know in advance.


  • Family members must supply separate applications online and will receive separate appointments, so We recommend that you submit all your family member applications one after the other, so that your appointments are close to each other, as The Prefecture will schedule appointments in order of received applications


  • Click here for more details about appointments with your local Prefecture


  • After some time your new Residency permit will be sent to you via registered post. You will need to sign upon receipt.


  • You must submit your application for French residency via the online site by the end of 30/06/2021.


If you would like face to face assistance when completing your Residency application online there are a number of options


Visit and ask your local Mairie (although we are aware that some are more helpful than others)


Visit a “point accueil numérique” – list of locations HERE


Visit “maison des services” information point  – list of locations HERE

  • You can "ASK FBN" in many ways

    Free assistance to all UK Nationals living in the Dordogne, Auvergne / Rhone Alpes & Provence Alpes / Cote d’Azur to apply for their French residency
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