Online residency application site will now open on 1st October 2020

The French authorities have announced that their online site for UK Nationals to apply for Residency will not open on 1st July 2020 as initially planned; but will now open on 1st October 2020. More details

The closing date, by which applications have to be submitted remains the same, 30th June 2021

Mr. Roger Haigh, President of The Franco British Network commented “Despite the delay in the opening of the online site for submitting residency applications we recommend that UK Nationals to begin to collect all the necessary documentation, in anticipation of the new date for the opening of the online site on 1st October 2020”

We are still awaiting confirmation of the exact documents that will be required for a residency application, but we anticipate that UK Nationals, currently living in France, will be required to submit 5 documents to support their applications, 1) Valid passport, 2) Birth certificate, 3) Proof of living permanently in France, 4) Proof of income, 5) Proof of healthcare.

To further assist UK Nationals in The Dordogne, The Franco British Network telephone helpline will open on Wednesday 1st July 2020.

This now means that UK Nationals living in the Dordogne will be able take advantage of free assistance and directly ask questions. Answers will be given based upon current information that has been confirmed by the French authorities.

Ask FBN”  Telephone and online contact form

see for more details.

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