Online site for UK Nationals to apply for French residency on track to open early July 2020

The Franco British Network’s sources at The British Embassy in Paris and The French Ministry of Interior have confirmed that the launch date of early July 2020 for the online application site for residency applications will still occur.

The Franco British Network anticipates that UK Nationals, currently living in France, will be required to submit 5 categories of documentation to support their applications:

Identification: Valid passport

Civil status, eg birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc

Residency: living permanently i.e. spending more than 185 days per year in France (proof of property rental or purchase; house insurance proof; work contract, etc.)

Financial situation: (last income tax return; pay slip; company accounts or Micro-enterprise URSSAF turnover declarations; higher education enrolment certificate or diploma; recent bank statements; proof of enrolment at Pôle-Emploi as a jobseeker; last retirement statement, etc.)

Health provision: recent certificate of health insurance (French healthcare cover; S1; private healthcare cover)

More details can be found at

Mr. Roger Haigh, President of The Franco British Network commented that

“Whilst the new residency application process should be relatively straight forward for the majority of people, The FBN is gearing up to uniquely offer free support to UK Nationals in the Dordogne, France, especially to those most in need. However, in the meantime, we recommend UK Nationals to begin to collect all the necessary documentation”

5 thoughts on “Online site for UK Nationals to apply for French residency on track to open early July 2020”

    1. At the moment we have no confirmation of this, until the French Government launches their site. However, if would be advisable to consider alternative documentation as well.

  1. I have already done the necessary BUT as an 89 yr old with a wife of 85. I do NOT fancy trailing into Perigueux to collect our cards and have our fingerprints taken.
    In the days before Maastrict we had an interview at the Prefecture when we first arrived with a Visa then when the card was renewed it was all done from the Marie.
    Why can this be done the same way? There are 2 women & a man at our Marie who appear to have little to do.

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