Update from French Government

Update from French government, in French and English, notably on timing for applying for residency. Extract posted here.

“British citizens residing in France will not be required to hold a residence permit until 1 July, 2021.

For this purpose, a new website adapted to the provisions of the withdrawal agreement will be opened in anticipation early July 2020. “

Click on the link for full details.


2 thoughts on “Update from French Government”

  1. Bonjour
    I know from British Embassy (Paris) communications that your organisation has received funding from the UK Support Fund to assist UK citizens who may need help with matters in France that arise as a result of Brexit; particularly with establishing residency or attaining reciprocal rights under the Withdrawal Agreement.
    I note from your website that all of your current activities appear to be restricted to the Dordogne.
    Could you please confirm that your organisation will be offering assistance for the specific matters related to Brexit and covered by recent UK Support funding to UK citizens outside of the Dordogne.
    Paul Hearn

    1. Thank you for making contact.

      Our coverage is restricted to The Dordogne, however, you are welcome to follow our website and update posts as they appear


      The Franco British network

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