Marche Britannique event in Brantome

On Sunday 23 June 2019 the FBN set up their stall at the British Market in the picturesque town of Brantôme on the banks of the River Dronne.

A British weekend has been organised in Brantôme for the past five years, on the third weekend of June,  but in the Spring of  2019 the organisers suddenly decided to discontinue the event.

However with the support of the Mayor of Brantôme ,  Mme Monique Ratineau, a slimmed down version of the function, comprising a Rally of Collectors’ Cars, a British Market and music from the duo “Hommage”  , was salvaged.

We had a stand along with our friends from the Brantôme Police Horse charity (BPH) and Tim Richardson – viticulteur from Eymet;as well as with the Credit Agricole with whom both FBN and BPH have commercial connections.

Despite having to cope with very high temperatures there was a steady stream of visitors passing in front of the stands and certain interesting contacts were made, some resulting in the signing up of new members.

There is no doubt that those who participated suffered a  long, hot and tiring day, and our thanks go out to them for their assistance.  Their help has already brought forth fruit.

The intention of the operation was to make the general public more aware of the existence of the FBN,, and the advice and assistance that the FBN can offer.

Consideration is being given as to how FBN can improve the attractve nature of our stand as we would wish to maximise our presence at similar events in the future , and to take advantage of meeting as many as possible of the numerous expatriates who attend such gatherings.

The combining of our stand with others has seemed to be a positive move for there is no doubt that some “cross-fertilisation” resulted when , for example, visitors stopped to look at the police horse display and then moved along to our FBN documentation which they might otherwise have missed ( and vice versa).

John Beynon, Vice President, The Franco British Network

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